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Looking for an efficient solution to train all your people at the same time in the art of feedback, mindful working or a different topic? With our online courses, we offer a more mindful approach tailored specifically to this generation and ever changing market. Always practical, hands-on and personal.

Mindful working

An Interactive Course to Mastering the Art of Self-Sufficiency and Emotional Resilience
  • Understand the Psychology of work and your role in it
  • Stronger coping strategies to deal with stress, day to day challenges and difficult situations
  • A sense of calm and balance in your ever changing, fast paced environment
  • A defined purpose

Courageous Feedback

An Interactive Course to Mastering the Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Learn and practice your personal feedback skills
  • Feel much more relaxed about giving and receiving feedback to your co-workers/manager/people
  • Understand the science and process behind giving and receiving feedback
  • Promote a feedback culture in your team and company
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Our online courses are personal, motivating, interactive and full of Psychology insights. We use effective coaching exercises and techniques so you can achieve your goals.