What will you learn?

  • Learn and practice your personal feedback skills
  • Feel much more relaxed about giving and receiving feedback to your co-workers/manager/people
  • Understand the science and process behind giving and receiving feedback
  • Promote a feedback culture in your team and company

This powerful duo Josine & Charlotte will lift the energy levels of your team, while improving their people skill-set, with their ever dynamic, insightful & fun training programs

Sofia Kakkava
Coach and Leadership Advisor

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How does it work?

  • You (or your people) will be given access to an online learning environment - learn on demand
  • The course consists of blended learning materials: video content, online exercises, quizzes, and reflection content.
  • Optional live q&a and intervision/practice sessions to deepen learnings

This course is for you if...

  • People react differently to your feedback than you you want or expect
  • You give less feedback than you want or should
  • You dread giving or receiving feedback
  • The only moment you give or receive feedback is during your mid-year review

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