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We can give you the knowledge, skills and strategies to:

  • Have mindful and brave conversations with yourself and others
  • Boost your people skills and increase your emotional agility
  • Build healthy relationship with yourself and others
  • Balance work ambitions and stress release
  • Increase your team's motivation and encourage self-sufficiency
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About Charlotte (Trainer + Actor)

I am a native English, Dutch and German Psychologist, Trainer and Executive Coach and Training Actress.

Through my experience working internationally for established multinational companies such as Allianz, TATA Steel and SBM Offshore, aspiring and fast growing Start-ups such as Bynder and Label A, and science based universities and hospitals such as the University of Amsterdam and Amsterdam UMC hospital, I have developed a unique way of training and coaching.

Growing up in Germany in a multicultural family, I soon spread my wings when I attended Haileybury Imperial College boarding school in the United Kingdom from age 16 to attain my International Baccalaureate Diploma. After a year of traveling and working, I started studying Psychology at the University of Amsterdam.

I followed up my Bachelor’s Degree with two Master degrees: Work and Organizational Psychology as well as the Social Skills Laboratory Master in Training and Development.

I stayed in the Netherlands where I have my home base, however I travel the world for work and pleasure with a passion, having travelled to over 75 countries.

As a Psychologist, Trainer, Coach and Training Actress I am constantly developing and learning, incorporating newest research insights with the needs and requirements of the companies and individuals I work with.

About Josine (Trainer)

Growing up in a family with 5 older siblings, in a typical Dutch village, I quickly had to learn how to communicate with all kinds of personalities - just to keep up with them. I would observe them closely and learn from them. What works? What doesn’t? My interest in human behaviour and group dynamics was born here.

Later in life I got my masters degree in (Social) Psychology and I specialised in Training & Development. My career started in the Educational sector as a Psychology teacher.

After a couple of years, I switched to a tech scale-up called Bynder. One of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands. At Bynder I set up L&D, devised and executed learning programs in all layers of the organisation. My focus areas were communication, leadership development, individual talent development and group dynamics.

In 2020 I decided to start my own business. It gives a lot of energy to be able to support multiple companies, walk with them for a while, and help people further in their challenges. Collaborating with partner in crime Charlotte was the most natural thing to do. Bravely was born.

On a personal note, I am a mother of two. They teach me new things everyday; to slow down, be curious & enjoy the small moments.

About Martin (Actor)

Hi, I'm Martin and I work as an actor. In this particular case I combine my forces with the wonderful leading ladies of Bravely in terms of trying to help clients further understand and develop their skills in a wide array of situations, based on playing out behavior and giving feedback. I knew right from the first day that this is a place for me to get inspired, and quite possibly also inspire others.

Next to my acting, I love making poems, writing, singing and philosophy. And you can always wake me up for karaoke! I tend to live a clean, healthy and conscious lifestyle and also love a whole bunch of sports at any given moment. People around me would say I'm quite energetic and passionate, and I fully agree. I love diving in deep and have very high ambitions and values. It's what keeps me going.

About Patrycja (Support)

I have an international background, as I left my home country when I was 7 years old. Being exposed to a diverse environment from a young age has prompted my interest in psychology and differences in human behaviour. In my free time, I enjoy travelling, listening to podcasts, dancing, exploring new places in Amsterdam, and as of recently trying to conquer the Dutch language.

I am a recent graduate from the University of Amsterdam, specialising in Work and Organisational Psychology. This is where I discovered my passion for training and helping employees develop themselves. Work shapes so much of who we are and how we spend our time. Therefore, I would love to empower people by helping them develop this part of their identity.

Inspired by Bravely’s vision for bringing empathy to the workplace, I am excited to be joining their team. I was first introduced to a Bravely program during my internship at Bynder, where I had the opportunity to observe the Byder Leadership Academy. I left work that day feeling like I was one step closer to knowing what exactly I want to focus my career on. I was excited to join the Bravely team a few months later, as I wanted to work in a company whose sole focus is Learning and Development. My current role mainly revolves around taking care of the behind the scenes work, such as social media management and customer relations.

About Jovanka (Trainer)

My name is Jovanka and I am working together with Bravely as one of the trainers in personal development, (personal) leadership and communication.

One of my favorite things in life is meeting new people, and the feeling you get when there is a true connection. That happened when I met Charlotte and Josine. The past years I’ve dedicated my career to training groups and individuals. Bravely and I have a mutual love for empowering people to self-develop, so working together was the obvious next step. Very excited!

In my free time I love cooking (especially for friends and family), do yoga, bouldering and hiking. I love exploring, whether it’s being in nature close to home or taking our self-built campervan out on adventures. Authentic connections and honest conversations really fuel me, so I can not wait to meet you in one of Bravely’s sessions and learn from each other.

About Frans (Actor)

With a background in theater and a strong interest in human behavior my schedule is mostly filled with training acting. I developed my skills by doing lots of training sessions in all kinds of areas combined with reading, learning and, of course, by sometimes failing miserably. Still learning every day!

I’m a creative go-getter. I like being around people: In a training session, with friends or during all kinds of sports.

With Bravely I felt an instant connection and a mutual drive for training, development and, most important for me: a sense of humor.

Next to (training) acting I have a passion for the Dutch language combined with music or voice-over work. Ten years ago I started writing poetry and the last couple of years I have also been writing music.

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