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We can give you the knowledge, skills and strategies to:

  • Have mindful and brave conversations with yourself and others
  • Boost your people skills and increase your emotional agility
  • Build healthy relationship with yourself and others
  • Balance work ambitions and stress release
  • Increase your team's motivation and encourage self-sufficiency
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Charlotte & Josine

About Charlotte

I am a native English, Dutch and German Psychologist, Trainer and Executive Coach and Training Actress.

Through my experience working internationally for established multinational companies such as Allianz, TATA Steel and SBM Offshore, aspiring and fast growing Start-ups such as Bynder and Label A, and science based universities and hospitals such as the University of Amsterdam and Amsterdam UMC hospital, I have developed a unique way of training and coaching.

Growing up in Germany in a multicultural family, I soon spread my wings when I attended Haileybury Imperial College boarding school in the United Kingdom from age 16 to attain my International Baccalaureate Diploma. After a year of traveling and working, I started studying Psychology at the University of Amsterdam.

I followed up my Bachelor’s Degree with two Master degrees: Work and Organizational Psychology as well as the Social Skills Laboratory Master in Training and Development.

I stayed in the Netherlands where I have my home base, however I travel the world for work and pleasure with a passion, having travelled to over 75 countries.

As a Psychologist, Trainer, Coach and Training Actress I am constantly developing and learning, incorporating newest research insights with the needs and requirements of the companies and individuals I work with.

About Josine

Growing up in a family with 5 older siblings, in a typical Dutch village, I quickly had to learn how to communicate with all kinds of personalities - just to keep up with them. I would observe them closely and learn from them. What works? What doesn’t? My interest in human behaviour and group dynamics was born here.

Later in life I got my masters degree in (Social) Psychology and I specialised in Training & Development. My career started in the Educational sector as a Psychology teacher. Besides designing and facilitating Psychology classes and People Skills training, I researched everything I could find about learning.

After a couple of years, I switched to a tech scale-up called Bynder. One of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands. At Bynder I devised and executed learning programs throughout the whole employment cycle, in all layers of the organisation. My focus areas were communication, leadership development, individual talent development and group dynamics.

In 2020 I decided to start for myself as an independent People Skills trainer and coach. It gives a lot of energy to be able to support multiple companies, walk with them for a while, and help people further in their challenges. Collaborating with partner in crime Charlotte was the most natural thing to do. Bravely was born.

On a personal note, I am a mother of a toddler and a baby. They teach me new things everyday. To slow down, to be more patient and to be the calm leader they need me to be. As well as to be amazed by and enjoy the small things in life.

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