Our Face to Face courses

Covid-19 disturbing your people development plans? We're currently offering our face-to-face versions as online live courses. Get in touch to find out more.

Leading Bravely

For young professionals with 0-3 years leadership experience
  • Insight into leadership styles and your personal leadership qualities and preferences
  • Boost your impact in your team and company
  • Stronger skills to motivate your team (remotely)
  • Developed communication skills to handle conflict
  • Tips and tricks to deal with challenging conversations

Courageous Feedback

For anyone that works in a team and works on projects
  • Insight into feedback process in terms of body, brain and emotion
  • Communication skills to deliver (critical) feedback with impact and without conflict
  • Knowledge and skills to receive feedback
  • Tips and tricks to deal with challenging conversations
  • Strategies to incorporate feedback into daily routines
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Custom Course

When you're ready to get even more out of your teams:

E.g. improving team dynamics or communicating with impact

Leading Bravely

  • 2 Face to face session days in Corona-proof setting (if permitted by government guidelines) or 4 half-day virtual sessions
  • Weekly insights with actionable impact tools
  • Personal transformation coaching session is part of the program (in group setting)
  • 3 months of intervision with your group to follow up on course learnings and deepen insights

    Maximum of 8 participants to guarantee interaction

Not sure whether a course is for you? We'll happily answer any questions you have.


Courageous feedback

  • A full day Face to face session in Corona-proof setting (if permitted by government guidelines) or 2 half day virtual sessions
  • Part I theory/insights, part II practice personal cases
  • 14 day micro-exercise follow up to deepen learnings
  • Additional intervision session optional

    Maximum of 15 participants to guarantee interaction


Custom course

Every company is different, and so is every team. Do you need support on a different matter? Let us know! We love a challenge.  

Example training sessions we facilitated for companies are:

  • (Remote) communication training
  • Communicating with impact
  • The Art of Feedback training
  • Transitioning from peer to manager
  • Stress management/Bravely Balance course
  • Conflict management
  • Intervision training
  • Improving team dynamics traning